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    Buzz Bumble (Buzz Bumble)
  • I don't know.

    Pixel Pinkie (Pixel Pinkie)
  • Oh look. A cow!

    58 (Time Cracks)
  • I’d rather eat my own armpit!

    Crudnut (Fanshaw & Crudnut)
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    Fanshaw (Fanshaw & Crudnut)

Blue Rocket Productions is an award winning animation studio that creates and produces children’s television, interactive and mobile media.

Established 22 years ago by Alicia Rackett and David Gurney, the studio began using a solitary kerosene powered alarm clock and operating from a wet cardboard box on an abandoned railway siding. Using nothing more than four crayons (three of them were the same colour), Blue Rocket went on to produce some completely astonishing cartoon series and a number of quite impressive sponge cakes, one of which came fourth in the 2001 Central Tasmanian Cake and Gun Festival.

Not content to rest on their laurels, the Blue Rocket team went from strength to strength. In 2004 the studio won the prestigious Tasmanian Dog Stacking Competition but was later disqualified for using Staffordshire Terriers instead of the regulation Fox Terriers. In 2006, the studio competed again in the Hobart Annual Nun Chuck and managed to throw a massive nun into a bee hive, winning the studio Best in Show for the first year running despite many of the spectators being hospitalised with severe bee stings.

This website was created in 2014 and has been updated randomly by our carpet cleaner and web designer who has recently gone into hiding. The website is made from genuine pixels, some of which are different from others. Feel free to collect pixels from our website but don’t take too many of the one colour because that wouldn’t be fair to anyone else. Pixels are best stored in a cool place and last longest if they are wrapped in brown paper.

This is some of the team. There are a lot more people of course but they’re rather less willing to accept the blame. In fact, when we said we were putting people online one of them hid under the coffee table and hasn’t come out since – and that was 2007! Two of the others disguised themselves as PDFs and can be found in the filing cabinet under ‘L’. Here’s what’s left:

  • David

    David Gurney

    Rocket Scientist

    David Gurney obtained a Degree of Uncertainty before spending most of his early years collecting sesame seeds for no particular reason. During that time he gained an aversion to using verbs and has become increasingly inexplicable ever since. Lately he’s been convinced that there is a giant squid writing poetry in the office down the hallway so he’s been putting pieces of salmon in their letter box twice a day. He’s thoughtful like that..

  • Stefan

    Stefan Le Mottee

    Space Station Robotics Supervisor

    Stefan first came to the attention of the authorities when he setup a guitar amp that was so loud it killed a brown dog. Since that time his guitars solos have become even more spectacular and he has even performed on TV. The TV in question belonged to the old lady next door and Stefan’s guitar solo was going great until she called the police. The TV set was remanded in custody and a new date will be set for the trial.

  • Norman


    The Space Octopus

    Norman is our in-house cephalopod and can perform a wide range of tasks simultaneously, unfortunately, all completely useless. Because of Norman’s distinctive appearance he is frequently mistaken for a certain member of parliament and recently seconded a motion to have himself amended as a Statutory Declaration, although nobody was quite sure what was declared or whether in fact there was a statue in the first place. Further debate continues in the Senate.

  • Cathy

    Cathy McComb

    Intergalactic Communications Engineer

    Cathy is a rebel at heart and is famous for cake tossing. Her most legendary tirage au sort gâteau was a lemon sponge which she hurled an impressive 77.8 metres and managed to hit a member of the Tasmanian Senate in the left elbow. Unfortunately he was riding his bicycle at the time and he crashed into a dress shop. He hasn’t left the shop since and was last seen wearing a rather attractive pink chiffon frock.

  • Duncan

    Paul Moran

    Wormhole Navigator

    Paul first came to the attention of the European Space Agency and Scotland Yard when he attempted to launch himself into space using an oversized haggis and a box of matches. After his release from prison, Paul was deported to Tasmania where he managed to find work as a pothole on the Alpine Highway until his extraordinary skills were discovered by Blue Rocket. Since that time, Paul has been in charge of the company’s inventory of black pudding.

At Blue Rocket we’ve made cartoons for TV and lots of them. We’ve also produced kids’ interactives and some truly bizarre stuff for mobile phones. Seriously, things were going great when we were just making shows out of custard, but with the newly amended management strategy (referred to as Plan B) in place it’s come to this. To appreciate the extent of the damage you need to check these out:

  • Keeko


    Keeko lives in a beautiful forest with playmates Bird and Dog. Together they discover how to interact, solve problems, and show their care for each other. 10 Episodes

  • Dumbotz


    Three foolhardy robots past their use-by dates risk every last nut and bolt to save the world from all the sorts of things that worlds need saving from. 52 episodes.

  • Fanshaw & Crudnut

    Attack of the Slug Santas

    Fanshaw and Crudnut are back in this feature length Christmas special. It’s 90 minutes of slug-packed Christmas action.

  • Fanshaw & Crudnut

    Fanshaw & Crudnut

    Two bickering slugs in outer space do the bidding of a self-centred slug princess. Feature length telemovie and 52 episode series.

  • Buzz Bumble

    Buzz Bumble

    A bee and some bugs live in a cardboard box and put on theatre productions. 52 episodes.

  • Mega Bites

    Mega Bites

    A 10 episode survey of animals that have way more bite power than you would expect.

  • Pixel Pinkie

    Pixel Pinkie

    A digital genie lives in a mobile phone and grants wishes that never quite work out as planned for Nina and her best friend. 52 episodes and website.

  • Time Cracks

    Time Cracks

    A bear, a hedgehog and a sheep travel back in time to uncover the real story behind famous events. 26 episodes.

  • Bang The Cat

    Bang The Cat

    26 explosive episodes and a website featuring a cat… that blows up.

  • Mörmel TV

    Mörmel TV

    A kangaroo, a giraffe and a marmot squabble over just about everything that can be squabbled over in 94 episodes.

  • The Dog & Cat News

    The Dog & Cat News

    26 episodes and a website featuring animal news presented by dogs, a cat, a parrot and a duck.

  • Spikey Joe's Truck

    Spikey Joe's Truck

    A short film about a bad tempered mechanic who is having a little bit of trouble with his pickup truck.

  • Hoota & Snoz

    Hoota & Snoz

    Blue Rocket and Australia’s first CGI television series featuring 80 episodes and a website celebrating the very worst of bad behaviour.

If you thought the Landed section was a bit bizarre, this next bit will knock your socks off – said no-one ever! This is some of the stuff that we have on the ironing board. We’d like to say it was on the drawing board but that’s being used to patch a hole in the wall that was made by the cat. It wasn’t even our cat. Stuff like that happens around here all the time. It seems to be a thing.

Current Stuff

Lucy's Cannon

Lucy's Cannon

Lucy Longbarrel likes to blast herself and her smelly little brother Randall from her cannon to go and explore far flung places around the world. 52 x 11 min episodes.

Little J & Big Cuz - Season 4

Little J & Big Cuz - Season 4

Little J & Big Cuz follows the adventures of 2 Indigenous Australian kids living with their Nanna and Old Dog. With the help of Nanna and their teacher Ms Chen they learn about culture, community and country.

Horrible Harriet

Horrible Harriet

Horrible Harriet, based upon the best-selling children’s book series from Australian Children’s laureate, Leigh Hobbs, follows the gloriously scandalous and wonderfully subversive adventures of Harriet – a highly unusual girl who lives in a nest in the roof of the school tower.

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2 July 2018

Big Win for Little J & Big Cuz at the Logies

Little J & Big Cuz has taken out the award for Most Outstanding Children’s Television Program at the 2018 Logie Awards. The series produced by Ned Lander Media, Blue Rocket Productions and Media World Pictures was commissioned by NITV and has been screened on both NITV and ABC channels. Little J & Big Cuz is Australia’s first indigenous children’s animated TV series and is one of NITV’s highest rating programs.

Produced by Ned Lander and directed by Tony Thorne, the thirteen episode animated television series explores the home and school lives of young Aboriginal kids, and has been embraced by indigenous and non-indigenous children alike. It has been translated into several Aboriginal languages, including palawa kani, the Tasmanian Aboriginal language.

Alicia Rackett, Blue Rocket’s producer for the series congratulated Ned Lander and Tony Thorne and the entire production team. The team has recently commenced pre-production on a second season.

Little J & Big Cuz was produced with the support of Screen Tasmania, Screen Australia, Film Victoria, the Australian Centre for Educational Research and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation.

1 June 2018

Big News for Little J & Big Cuz (and for Blue Rocket!)

This has been a huge week for Indigenous animation series, Little J & Big Cuz with the announcement of the series as a Logies nominee in the Most Outstanding Children’s Program category.

And that’s not all! NITV and their commissioning partner ABC Children’s, announce Little J & Big Cuz season two is currently in pre-production. Ned Lander Media, Media World and Blue Rocket are once again partnering with Aboriginal writers from across Australia and the outstandingly talented actors, Deborah Mailman, Miranda Tapsell, Ningali Lawford, Aaron Fa’oaso, Ursula Yovich, and Shari Sebbens to create this truly original series.

Season 2 of Little J & Big Cuz will be broadcast on NITV and ABC Kids, with catch-up available on SBS On-Demand and ABC iview. Little J & Big Cuz Season 2 is financed with the support of Screen Australia, the Tasmanian Government through Screen Tasmania, Film Victoria, the Australian Council for Educational Research and the Australia’s Children’s Television Foundation.

Ned Lander Media, Media World and Blue Rocket are again teaming up with Aboriginal writers from across Australia and the wonderful voice talent of Deborah Mailman, Miranda Tapsell, Ningali Lawford, Aaron Fa’oaso, Ursula Yovich, and Shari Sebbens to create this truly original series.

Blue Rocket’s producer, Alicia Rackett said she is delighted to be again working with Director Tony Thorne on another season of Little J & Big Cuz. “The first season really connected with children across Australia, sharing with them the unique Indigenous culture. We also reached remote Indigenous communities with the production of the series in six language versions. This is a fabulous production and Blue Rocket is delighted to be involved.”

Production credits: Little J & Big Cuz Season Two is a Ned Lander Media, Media World and Blue Rocket production for NITV and ABC Children’s Content. Principal production investment from NITV in association with the ABC. Financed with support from Screen Australia, the Tasmanian Government through Screen Tasmania, Film Victoria, the Australian Council for Educational Research and the Australia’s Children’s Television Foundation.

12 December 2017

Screen Enterprise Funding for Blue Rocket

From over a hundred applications Australia-wide, Blue Rocket has been included in the nineteen companies selected by Screen Australia to share in over $2.9 million through the Enterprise Ideas and People funding streams. Paul Moran will join the Tasmanian animation company Blue Rocket where he will be mentored as a creative producer by principals Alicia Rackett and David Gurney. Paul will be working across Blue Rocket’s slate of current productions and future projects, as well as developing his own projects.

01 December 2017

Little J & Big Cuz win at the ATOM Awards

Ned Lander Productions and Old Dog Media’s production of Little J and Big Cuz just picked up a 2017 SAE ATOM (Australian Teachers of Media) Award for Best Children’s Television Program. Director, Tony Thorne worked with Blue Rocket’s team in Hobart on the co-production which was a first for Indigenous television in Australia. Producer Alicia Rackett congratulated Ned Lander, Tony Thorne and all the cast and crew. Little J and Big Cuz was commissioned by NITV, and received production investment from Screen Tasmania, Screen Australia, Film Victoria, and ACER. The series, which follows the family’s daily adventures and is told primarily from the perspective of five-year old Little J, who has just started his first year of school. In each episode, Little J and his cousin find out more about their world and themselves – in the backyard, the classroom, or on Country. Little J and Big Cuz is distributed worldwide by The Australian Children’s Television Foundation.

12 September 2017

Fanshaw & Crudnut nominated for 2017 SPA Awards

Blue Rocket and Beyond’s recent production of Fanshaw & Crudnut has been nominated for the Animated Series of the Year Award in the 17th Screen Producers Australia Awards. The 52 episode series and feature length telemovie, produced by Alicia Rackett and directed by David Gurney, was commissioned by Nine Network Australia and with investment from Screen Tasmania. This is probably the first time in the history of the SPA Awards that slugs from outer space have been nominated for an award. Let’s hope they behave themselves on the night of the awards. The series and telemovie is being distributed worldwide by Beyond Distribution.

08 September 2017

Little J & Big Cuz nominated for 3 ATOM Awards

Ned Lander Media and Old Dog Pictures’ production of Little J & Big Cuz is a finalist in the ATOM Awards’ Best Children's Television Program and the Best Indigenous Video or Website categories. Additionally, the Where is Aaron? interactive storybook developed by Deeper Richer has also received a nomination in the Best Educational App or Ebook category. And all this good news about the series, directed by Tony Thorne, is following the announcement of the Little J & Big Cuz series' inclusion at the 2017 Chicago International Children's Film Festival. Little J & Big Cuz was commissioned by NITV with investment and support from Screen Australia, The Australian Council for Educational Research, Film Victoria, Screen Tasmania and co-produced by Blue Rocket’s Alicia Rackett and Media World Pictures’ Colin South. The series is distributed by the Australian Childrens’ Television Foundation.

04 November 2016

Lucy’s Cannon blasts off at the Asian Animation Summit

Lucy’s Cannon, a new animated TV series project from Blue Rocket Productions and Beyond Screen Production, has been selected to be shown at the Asian Animation Summit in Brisbane in November 2016. Created by Sheridan Robins and Darren Tattersall, Lucy’s Cannon tells the story of Lucy, who fires her smelly little brother from a cannon and they blast off into adventures all over the world. Blue Rocket’s producer, Alicia Rackett says “Lucy’s Cannon has a distinct visual style and quirky humour that immediately grabbed our attention. It is one of the cutest and funniest concepts we have seen in a long time.” Lucy’s Cannon is being co-produced by Blue Rocket Productions and Beyond Screen Production, and worldwide distribution is being handled by Beyond Distribution in London.

17 October 2016

Alicia Rackett is a finalist in the Telstra Business Women's Awards!

We're very proud that Blue Rocket's Co-Founder and Producer Alicia Rackett has been selected as a finalist in the Entrepreneur category of the Telstra Business Women's Awards.

Read more about her achievements and the event here.

10 October 2016

Fanshaw & Crudnut Launch at MIPCOM

Blue Rocket’s latest production Fanshaw & Crudnut launches at MIPCOM in Cannes, France. The production, co-produced by Blue Rocket and Beyond Screen Production - a division of Beyond International, is the first of a series of co-productions between the two companies. Fanshaw & Crudnut is a 52 episode television series about two bickering slugs in outer space who work for an ungrateful slug princess. The television series is accompanied by a feature length telemovie, a Christmas special, titled Attack of the Slug Santas. Fanshaw & Crudnut was selected by C21 magazine as one of their top 21 kids shows to be released at the market, Broadcast Magazine also selected Fanshaw & Crudnut as one of their must-see kids shows for MIPCOM. The production was commissioned by Nine Network Australia and has received production investment from Screen Tasmania. Fanshaw & Crudnut is being distributed worldwide by Beyond Distribution.

19 September 2016

Khmer Creations Ethical Boutique

For over 10 years, our friends at Khmer Creations have supported Cambodian women to pursue economic independence and career passion through creating beautiful jewellery and accessories. Now, they want to go one step further and open a boutique to showcase their hand-crafted work in Phnom Penh – a city emerging as an ethical shopping destination.

The talented women employed by Khmer Creations are excited about the prospect of having a shop where they can interact face-to-face with customers and hopefully create a higher demand for their products, which will mean more work and income for them.

Khmer Creations have launched a crowd funding campaign to make this shop a reality! You can follow the link to pledge your support at Start Some Good https://startsomegood.com/khmercreations

For more information or to purchase products online visit their website: www.khmercreations.org

23 June 2016

Blue Rocket Steps Up with Wide Angle Tasmania and Creative Partnerships Australia

Blue Rocket is proud to be a major sponsor of Step-Up, a new Wide Angle Tasmania production initiative that supports Tasmanian filmmakers to develop and produce a short film specifically for International Film Festival entry. Over 100 Tasmanians and major sponsors Crowe Horwath and Blue Rocket Productions contributed $23,000 to the Step-Up Film Initiative. Through Creative Partnerships, all donations to the fund were matched, providing Wide Angle with much needed funds in 2016 since government funding of the not-for-profit organisation has ceased. The funding has resulted in two new short films being produced.

A Girl Needs a Bike - Letitia Lamb and Vivien Mason produced an animated documentary about the story of Clara, who has the unusual job of sharing the gift of independence through teaching girls the joy of riding a bike in rural Ghana.

Bloodgurgler - a dark comedy/thriller by writer Adam Ransley and directed by Daniel James about a naïve young office worker who defeats his opponents in an online role-play game, and must fight for his life as his opponents take revenge in the real world.

Wide Angle Tasmania’s General Manager Abi Binning says “We have a deep pool of talent in Tasmania but it’s incredibly difficult for early career filmmakers to keep building on their film successes – making high quality films is very difficult without access to equipment, mentors and cash. The Step-Up Initiative is designed to provide talented filmmakers with the means to make their next defining film.”

07 March 2016

The Blue Rocket Team Donates to Khmer Creations

The team at Blue Rocket has turned their coffee addiction into a positive contribution! For a small donation, employees are using the in-house coffee machine for their fundraising efforts. As a studio making animated children’s television, Blue Rocket decided to support organisations that benefit kids. And that’s exactly what they’ve done by teaming up with Khmer Creations.

Founded in 2007 as a response to the prevalent issue of sex trafficking in Cambodia, Khmer Creations is a social enterprise aimed at growing a creative and sustainable business that produces handmade jewellery and accessories. Their jewellery project provides skills and training, along with viable employment opportunities for women wanting to leave exploitative industries and others that are at risk of entering the industry.

The money raised by Blue Rocket helps provide services and facilities for the children of the women working within Khmer Creations. Through their small donations, the Blue Rocket coffee drinkers have contributed towards carers, day trips, books, and even a TV and DVD player so the kids can watch TV shows and nursery songs!

Run by an all-female local team in Cambodia with support from its founders based in Australia, Khmer Creations has grown to provide full-time employment, education and support to 7 talented women. To find out more and purchase some of their funky creations, visit their website: http://khmercreations.com.au/

07 December 2015

ACTF funds script development for Calypso Chew

One of Blue Rocket and Beyond’s new projects, Calypso Chew has secured script development funding at the Australian Children’s Television Foundation’s final board meeting for the year on 24 November 2015. The concept, optioned from creator Sal Balharrie will be executive produced by Ron Saunders from Beyond and David Gurney from Blue Rocket, and produced by Blue Rocket’s Alicia Rackett. Calypso Chew is one of a slate of children’s television programs being developed and produced by Blue Rocket and Beyond as part of a strategic partnership between the two companies.

12 May 2015

Fanshaw & Crudnut Cast Announced

Blue Rocket is delighted to announce the cast of the Fanshaw & Crudnut TV series and feature length telemovie.

Here’s the list of happy slugs:Characters

Series & Telemovie
Fanshaw - Chris Hamley
Crudnut - Andrew Casey
Gunk - Guy Hooper
Titchit - Jeff Michel
Princess Vial - Anna Kidd
Slithers - Martin Spurway-Smith
Hunter - Aleksandra Crossan
Slugnav - Danni Gilsenan
Slugbot - Robert Manion

Bazootheon - Craig Irons
The Enigma - Sara Cooper
Lokni - Guy Hooper
Ruby - Astrid Wells-Cooper
Ruby 2 - Danni Gilsenan

The producers thank Jane Binning Casting for finding such excellent talent for the production.

Fanshaw & Crudnut is a co-production between Blue Rocket and Beyond Screen Production. The production has been commissioned by Nine Network Australia and has production investment from Screen Tasmania. It will be broadcast in Australia on Nine’s GO! Channel. Beyond Distribution is handling Worldwide Distribution.

All the cast are now busy refining their best slug voices!

30 January 2015

Fanshaw & Crudnut Launch

Blue Rocket Productions and Beyond International announce a new co-production, Fanshaw & Crudnut. The feature length animated telemovie and 52 episode television series commissioned by Nine Network Australia for their GO! Channel, will be distributed internationally by Beyond Distribution. Fanshaw & Crudnut is the first production resulting from a strategic partnership between Beyond and Blue Rocket to jointly develop and produce a range of children’s television programming. The production has attracted investment from Screen Tasmania and will take 2 years to produce, employing over 40 Tasmanian cast and crew in addition to writers and other subcontractors. The production was launched by The Hon. Dr Vanessa Goodwin, Attorney General of Tasmania and Minister for the Arts.

19 January 2015

Meet the Blue Rocket Team, Feb 3, 5.30pm

Want to join the Blue Rocket team in 2015? We’re partnering with Wide Angle Tasmania to present an information session on upcoming opportunities on our next production. More info here.

30 January 2014

Buzz Bumble World Premiere on GO! for Sunday 20 April

Australia’s Nine Network has released the date for the world premiere of Buzz Bumble, the 52 episode children’s animated series being co-produced by Blue Rocket and Criya. Set for 7:30am on Sunday 20 April on Nine’s GO!, it just happens to be Easter Sunday so it’s the perfect opportunity to kick back with those chocolate Easter eggs and enjoy the show. Buzz Bumble, which tells the stories of a bumble bee and some bugs who live in a cardboard box and put on theatre productions, was recently previewed at Kidscreen Summit in New York by the world distributor for the series, Bejuba Entertainment. The series is the sixteenth children’s television series created and produced by Blue Rocket, and the third series from Blue Rocket that has been commissioned by Nine Network Australia. Buzz Bumble has a very distinctive visual style and humour. The series will be completed and available for worldwide broadcast licencing from late April 2014. For further enquiries please contact Bejuba! Entertainment: http://www.bejuba.com/

See what’s happening on GO!

10 January 2014

Buzz Bumble to preview at Kidscreen Summit 2014 in New York

Buzz Bumble, the 52 episode children’s animated series being co-produced by Blue Rocket and Criya, is being previewed at Kidscreen Summit in New York by Bejuba Entertainment, the world distributor for the series. Buzz Bumble, about a bumble bee and some bugs who live in a cardboard box and put on theatre productions, was commissioned by Nine Network Australia and with funding from Screen Tasmania, Fulcrum Media Finance and Bejuba Entertainment. Series creator David Gurney says “The series has a very distinctive visual style and humour. There is nothing else like it.” Buzz Bumble is the first of a number of series to be co-produced between Blue Rocket and Criya, and distributed by Bejuba Entertainment. “Blue Rocket and Criya, our co-production partners in the series, are very pleased to have Bejuba distributing Buzz Bumble” said Gurney. “They are a very strong distributor in the international market with an excellent portfolio of hit shows.” Buzz Bumble will be broadcast in Australia on the Nine Network, commencing in 2014.

7 May 2013

Blue Rocket’s Buzz Bumble in Production

The Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings today announced the production of Buzz Bumble, Blue Rocket’s latest animated children’s television series. Buzz Bumble which has been commissioned by Nine Network Australia is Blue Rocket’s 16th animated television series and the third series of Blue Rocket’s to be produced in collaboration with Nine. Jo Rooney, Executive Producer of Drama for Nine Network said she is delighted by the ongoing relationship with Blue Rocket. Buzz Bumble is a 52 episode children’s television series that tells the story of a bumble bee and some bugs who live in a cardboard box and put on theatre productions. The series is being co-produced by Blue Rocket Productions in Hobart and Criya VFX Studios in Chennai, India. Blue Rocket’s Executive Producer, David Gurney said the production of Buzz Bumble brings together Blue Rocket’s strong creative team in Tasmania with a great writing team, local cast and great international partners to create a truly global television series. Alicia Rackett, Blue Rocket’s Producer said “We’re excited to be working with our first Asian co-production partner, Criya VFX Studios in Chennai, India. I’ll be spending time on the ground in India, working with the Criya team to produce a fantastic series with the traditional Blue Rocket style and humour.” Gurney, who created the series, said “Our aim with this production is to combine the magic of theatre with the complete lunacy of cartoons. Behind the mayhem and slapstick it’s a drama series, with stories that are relevant to children and deeply engaging.” Buzz Bumble will be broadcast in Australia on the Nine Network, and sold internationally by Bejuba Entertainment in Los Angeles..

9 July 2012

Screen Tasmania On Board for Buzz Bumble

Screen Tasmania has come on board Blue Rocket’s latest television production, Buzz Bumble. It’s a 26 x half hour animated television series about a bumble bee and some bugs who live in a cardboard box and put on theatre productions. Buzz Bumble represents a huge boost to the Tasmanian film and television industry, injecting millions of dollars into the local economy and generating up to 30 local jobs. Buzz Bumble has been commissioned by Nine Network Australia and is the third television series that Blue Rocket has produced for the broadcaster. Worldwide sales are being handled by USA based Bejuba! Entertainment. The Buzz Bumble television series will be accompanied by a massive online interactive experience that will be accessible to audiences via smartphones and tablets, or traditional web browsers.

7 May 2012

Nine Network Presale Creates a Buzz at Blue Rocket

Blue Rocket’s latest animated children’s TV project Buzz Bumble has been given a major boost with a presale from the Nine Network. The 26 half hour series has already attracted commitment from international partners, L.A. based Bejuba Entertainment and Bardel Entertainment in Vancouver as well as interest from 20 broadcasters around the world. Buzz Bumble tells the story of a bumble bee and some other bugs who live in a cardboard box and put on theatre productions. Executive Producer and creator, David Gurney said “At Blue Rocket, we’re delighted to be working with the Nine Network again. They were strongly involved in our two productions of Pixel Pinkie and they’re great creative and business partners. Buzz Bumble is a benchmark production for us with a very distinct visual aesthetic and a style of humour that will really hit the spot for kids. We have an award winning production team here in Tasmania and their skills and expertise are world class. Buzz Bumble will generate up to 30 local jobs over a two year production period and will inject around three million dollars into the local economy.” Blue Rocket plans to utilise the rapidly expanding National Broadband Network for the production of Buzz Bumble. “We are very fortunate that the Tasmanian Government had the foresight to be the first state to participate in the NBN because high speed broadband is essential to today’s business” Gurney said. “Unlike our previous television series we plan to move away from the traditional methodologies and a lot of the work we do for Buzz Bumble will utilise a variety of Cloud Services and the NBN. In a TV series that is a fully digital production, the NBN will give us great efficiencies.” Buzz Bumble will be the 16th television series to be produced by Blue Rocket and be the third TV series that the Hobart based studio has produced for the Nine Network.

18 April 2012

Blue Rocket & Beyond International to Jointly Develop Slate of Projects

Blue Rocket and Beyond International have inked a deal to jointly develop and produce a range of long form animated and live action children’s television series. Beginning with three animation projects and two live action projects, the first project underway is The Bridge, a live action supernatural thriller created by David Gurney and Alicia Rackett. Blue Rocket’s Executive Producer, David Gurney says the company is delighted to be working with Beyond on these productions. “Beyond is a very strong partner for us and we each bring different skill sets to the table” said Gurney. “It is a great collaborative mix and it will be exciting to see what rolls out from this over the next few years”. Well known television writer and script editor, Jo Kasch, is on board for the development of the initial projects.

5 April 2012

ABC Digital Exhibition Trailer Goes Live at Royal Easter Show

ABC launched its all new Digital Exhibition Trailer at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show and it features cutting edge software and technology systems conceived and developed by Blue Rocket. The new trailer is a stunning mobile interactive showcase of ABC comprehensive entertainment offering and it's bristling with new technology. Central to the Digital Exhibition Trailer are two interactive exhibits that present ABC Radio and ABC Television and allow audiences to make their own shows on the spot. Blue Rocket and its subsidiary company Electric Yak, designed a number of components including a wireless PC tablet based registration system, encoded ticketing system, interactive Radio Station, interactive TV station, and an onboard database and server that synchronises with ABC’s web servers via quad multiplexed SIM cards. Some of the processes and technologies developed by Blue Rocket for ABC’s Digital Exhibition Trailer were “world firsts”. The trailer is now on tour around Australia.

2 February 2012

The Straits Goes Live

Matchbox Pictures stunning television drama series, The Straits commenced broadcasting on ABC Australia with a double episode and accompanied by a stunning website created and produced by Blue Rocket’s subsidiary Electric Yak. The Straits is a 10 x one hour drama that tells the story of a crime dynasty set against the backdrop of Cairns, Far North Queensland and the Torres Straits. Blue Rocket’s subsidiary, Electric Yak is delighted to announce the completion of another creative collaboration with the award winning Matchbox Pictures, part of NBC Universal. The Straits Online was produced at Blue Rocket and Electric Yak’s studios in Hobart, Tasmania, and was the third creative collaboration between Matchbox Pictures and the Blue Rocket group.

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